The Why's and How's of Volunteering. 

1. Helping out pets in need.

A lot of pets that end up in shelters are strays or were given up for adoption. Depending on the size of the rescue, each animal may not be getting the attention they need, so volunteering to spend time with them helps improve their lives and chances of getting adopted since you are helping to keep them socialized.

 2. Giving back to the community.

There’s just something about volunteering that makes you feel good inside. You’re putting in time and effort while not asking for anything in return, so of course you should feel good! Caring enough to help out the community is a reward on its own.

3. Gaining experience if you plan to adopt.

If you’re planning to adopt one day, volunteering is a great way to dip your toes in the water. Learn how to properly walk a dog and get used to picking up after it.

4. Could help you make the decision to adopt.

Even if you’ve never thought about adopting before. Once you see a dog at the shelter and get to know it a little better, you may find yourself wanting to take it home.

5. Fun group activity.

There’s no such thing as too many volunteers, so take a few friends with you when you volunteer. It’s just as fun as shopping or going to the movies and as an added bonus, it doesn’t hurt your wallet.

6. Meeting other volunteers.

What better place to find friends than at the rescue? You get to talk to other people who share an interest in animals and share some fun pet experiences.

7. Great for a resume.

Even though it’s not a paid job, volunteering does have its benefits in the long run. Whether you’re applying for college or a job, most employers value the fact that you care about your community.

8. De-stress from work.

Work and school can get stressful, but volunteering is actually a pretty good stress reliever. Playing with an animal will really take your mind off of things, while walking a dog or other animals lets you stretch those legs and get some exercise in.

9. Leads to more volunteering opportunities.

If you’re looking for bigger responsibilities at your local rescue, ask the staff if there are more opportunities for you to help out. Until I asked one of the volunteers, I didn’t even know that my local rescue hosts an annual event to promote adoption. Now, I have an extra volunteering opportunity to add to my calendar that I’m totally excited for.

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