Programs Offered by Salvation Animal Rescue

Spay/Neuter is a Pawsitive Solution is a program designed to help reduce the number of adoptable animals that are euthanized daily in our community. Community service and education are an extremely important part of who Salvation Animal Rescue is. We began this program in 2018. Since then we have been able to help with the spay/neuter of close to 800 animals. We provide this low-cost program to residents of Angelina County regardless of their income. 


The cost of each voucher will be $40.00*. We are limiting our sales to 10 vouchers per month at this time.


Vouchers can be used for spaying/neutering a dog or cat.


In order to purchase a voucher, you must provide a valid ID and a utility bill showing residency in Angelina County.  


Vouchers are good for 30 days from the date of purchase and Non-transferable.


Vouchers must be purchased directly from Salvation Animal Rescue. Please contact us via Facebook messenger for more information or to set up a time to purchase one.


*Any additional fees acquired at the vet will be paid by the owner of the pet such as current rabies vaccination, additional surgery charges (medication, pregnancy, etc.) but not limited to these examples.

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