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Salvation Animal Rescue is pleased to announce our new S.N.I.P.S program.


What is a S.N.I.P.S. Program?


Spay/Neuter is a Pawsitive Solution is a program designed to help reduce the number of adoptable animals that are euthanized daily in our community. Community service and education is an extremely important part of who Salvation Animal Rescue is. Earlier this year we were awarded a community grant through our local Walmart/Sam’s. We will be using this grant to partner with Angelina Animal Hospital to provide this low-cost program to residents of Angelina County.


S.N.I.P.S Vouchers went on sale April 1st, 2018. We are limiting our sales to 10 vouchers per month at this time.

The cost of each voucher will be $25.00*


Vouchers can be used for spay/neuter of a dog or cat.


In order to purchase a voucher, you must provide a valid ID and a utility bill showing residency in Angelina County.  


Vouchers are good for 30 days from the date of purchase and Non-transferable.


Vouchers must be purchased directly from Salvation Animal Rescue. Please contact us via Facebook messenger for more information or to set up a time to purchase one.


*Any additional fees acquired at the vet will be paid by the owner of the pet such as current rabies vaccination, additional surgery charges (medication, pregnancy, etc.) but not limited to these examples.

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Your $25 donation to Doug's Hugs fills a needy pet's food bowl or bowls for a month. For every $25 donated you get a free t-shirt. What a wonderful way to Paw-it-forward this year! Doug's Hugs was named after our beloved therapy dog Doug. Doug passed away last year and we are starting this program in his honor. Please help us support this awesome program. You can donate food or make a monetary donation either one helps the elderly and disabled feed their pets each month. 

LDN Article on Dougs Hugs Food Pantry Pg
LDN Article on Dougs Hugs Food Pantry Pg
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What type of vaccinations do you offer?


7-in-1 dog vaccinations are available through Salvation Animal Rescue at designated events. Please watch our facebook at or check our event calendar to find out when our next event will be.


How much will the vaccinations cost?


Vaccinations are $10.00 each.


Why should I vaccinate my dog?


7-in-1 vaccinations protect against hepatitis, canine distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, adenovirus cough and a few types of leptospirosis. It is essential to your dog's health and well being to vaccinate appropriately. 


When should I get my pets vaccinated?


Dog Vaccinations need to be started at the age of 6 weeks.  Your pup will need at least 2 more shots, one at 9 weeks of age, and another at 12 weeks.

A 4th combination shot can be given when they are between 16 and 18 weeks old.  Some studies show bigger breed dogs need an extra measure of protection. In our opinion, it is worth giving your dog the 4th shot.


After these initial series of shots, your dog vaccination schedule will be a booster shot one year after his last vaccine and repeated yearly. 


Your puppy or dog also needs a rabies vaccination.  These are given at 3 months of age and then are repeated yearly. Unfortunately, we can not give rabies vaccinations because they must be given by a licensed veterinarian.

How can I get a microchip for my pet?


Microchips are available through Salvation Animal Rescue at designated events. Please watch our facebook at or check our event calendar to find out when our next event will be.

How much does a microchip cost?


Microchips are $25.00 each. Each microchip has a lifetime registration with no added fees. Most microchip companies charge a yearly registration fee to keep your microchip active and information available, the microchips we use are preregistered. After the microchip is inserted, all you do is follow the instructions given and your pet will be in the national database with no additional fees.


What is a microchip?

Microchips are implantable computer chips that encode a unique identification number to help reunite you with your lost pet. They are no bigger than a grain of rice. They are placed under your pet’s skin with a needle and syringe, it's not much different from a routine vaccine. Unlike collars and ID tags, a microchip can never break or fall off. They work by receiving a radio signal from a scanner and transmitting the encoded chip identification number back to the scanner. With the chip identification number in hand, the vital contact information is only a phone call away. Microchips can be scanned at local shelters, veterinarian offices, and some local rescues have scanners as well. 


According to Science Daily, the study reported that cats with microchips were 20 times more likely to be returned home than cats without, while dogs with microchips were 2.5 times more likely to be returned home than those without. The results of this study underscore the importance of microchips. Please microchip your pet. 

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