How do I Foster? 

As a Foster Family, you must agree to the following:

1. Understand the animal is currently named and it is necessary for record keeping, appointments, public information etc. to refer to the animal by this name.

2. To allow a representative of Salvation Animal Rescue to visit my premises to insure the terms of this agreement have been kept.


3. The Animal will be provided with adequate fresh food and water, clean, dry shelter when outside, and daily exercise


4. To provide a safe collar (If not provided) with rabies and I.D. tags (if applicable) to be worn at all times.


5. To obey all local and state laws governing control and custody of animals


6. To foster the Animal as a family companion only.



7. If fostering a dog, the dog is not to ride loose in the bed of pickup trucks, convertibles or to be left in a car when air temperatures exceed 65 degrees


8. If fostering a dog, the Foster Family agrees to have a clean, secure fenced area for the dog. If a fenced enclosure is not available, Foster Family agrees to leash walk dog.


9. Foster Family agrees to bring the animal to veterinary appointments and adoption events or allow for Salvation Animal Rescue to decide on and make alternative transportation to get them to the appropriate appointments/events.


10. Foster Family understands that Salvation Animal Rescue retains legal control of the animal and is not authorized to make any legal or medical decisions on his/her behalf.


11. Foster Family agrees to allow potential adopters that Salvation Animal Rescue has approved to meet the foster animal at a reasonable location.


12. Foster Family agrees to release Animal to Salvation Animal Rescue for meetings with prospective adopters and answer questions by potential adopters via Salvation Animal Rescue.


13. Foster Family agrees to respond to Salvation Animal Rescue within twenty-four hours concerning the animal and/or potential adopters.


14. Salvation Animal Rescue makes no guarantees or statements regarding the animal's age, breed, health, or temperament. While Salvation Animal Rescue has made every effort to provide accurate history and assessment of the animal. Salvation Animal Rescue is available for consultation, advice and assistance pertaining to the health, training and compatibility of the dog.


15. All medical expenses that are approved by the Salvation Animal Rescue Board and treated through Salvation Animal Rescue approved veterinary office will be covered by Salvation Animal Rescue. If you take our animal to your vet it will not be covered.


16. Foster agrees to release Salvation Animal Rescue and its members or representatives of any and all possible claims arising from injury or damage caused by the animal to any person or property.


17. If you choose to adopt your foster animal. You will be required to fill out an adoption application. Upon receipt, it will be processed to Salvation Animal Rescue guidelines.

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