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UPDATE: Skye has started her heartworm treatments and is doing well.  She is 46#, around 3-4 years old, anemic from the fleas, has a severe ear infection, full of hook-worms, and is heartworm positive. She got a Capstar and a flea bath, fully vaccinated, ear meds started and will be spayed possibly Monday then we will wait a week to start her heartworm treatments. We will be doing phase II “slow kill” method for her.

Please welcome Skye to the salvation Animal Rescue family. We pulled her this morning and she is at the vet now. She will spend a few days there getting a complete medical workup and flea baths as she is infested. Please consider donating towards her care. We appreciate all of our Salvation followers.

We will update with more info on her as we get it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


UPDATE 3:Holly is fully healed and in a foster home. She currently has an adoption pending

UPDATE 2: Holly is doing much better they will try to get her to eat some food and hopefully everything works well. 

UPDATE 1: Holly has made it through surgery. She had some complications during surgery and isn’t out of the woods yet. Please pray for our little pup that she makes a full recovery. 

We need your help!! We have been asked to take in a 6 week old Great Dane puppy that is in need of extensive surgery due to a hernia that has caused strangulation of part of her intestines. It was either we take her or she would be PTS.

Of course, we couldn’t say no.
The estimated vet bill is $1000-2500
We can’t do this without our village.

You can call Angelina Animal Hospital and donate towards Salvation Animal Rescue’s account at 936-634-9412
or we accept PayPal.

Thank you all so much for your support!!!

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