Adoptable Dogs

Update 2: Hope has made it through her surgery and still has her jaw wired but she is eating soft food well and is recovering well. She only has the muzzle on so she can not hurt her jaw. She still needs a little more TLC but is very close to being ready for her new home or a foster family until her new home is found. Applications can be put in for adoption and/or fostering.

UPDATE 1: Hope is doing well this morning 9/22/19. She still has to be muzzled to keep her mouth closed. She was able to eat soft food by herself this morning!! Making progress! She is super sweet. We were asked to take in this precious puppy today that was taken to the vet to be euthanized because she has a broken jaw. She was in extreme pain and was sedated prior to the pictures (there isn’t anything wrong with her eyes). You can see the offset of her jaw. We don’t know how it happened and we didn’t ask questions. We couldn’t let her be PTS so she is now part of the Salvation Animal Rescue family. She had surgery today for her jaw and we are in need of financial assistance for her surgery, medications, and boarding until she can go home.

Harry Potter

UPDATE 2: Harry has made it through all of the parvo treatments and is recovering well. He still needs a little more TLC but applications can be put in for adoption and/or fostering. 

UPDATE 1: Harry is a pretty sick little guy and we got to him just in time.
He has both Demodex and sarcoptic mange, scabies, roundworms, hookworms, coccidia, and parvo. He is highly contagious and will be in isolation for several weeks. He is being given Nex Guard for Demodex mange, Revolution weekly for sarcoptic mange, Albon for coccidia, Panacur for worms, and blood transfusions for his Parvo. He is approx 4mo old and weighs 4.75#

This little guy is Harry Potter and we are hoping to work our magic on him and get him back "hairy" and healthy. He will be going to Angelina Animal Hospital in the morning to get checked out. We will keep everyone updated on his diagnosis. 9/24/19

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